For online classes, please visit this page.
For the fall 2021 session classes fees, starting August 30th, please visit this page.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email at  or call us at 514.528.8288


If you wish to participate in a class at the center, please stop by the Center to attend the right level scheduled class for you OR register before hand by phone. Leave your message at the following number: (514) 528-8288.

  • Leave your name, the day, time and level of the class you wish to attend;
  • Please leave a call back number;
  • Payment can be made online or on site and can be done by credit card, debit, check or cash;
  • Drop-in students are accepted;
  • Let us know if you cannot attend the course;
  • Online course: $15 (plus taxes)
  • Classes at the center: $18 (plus taxes)
  • You can come and try out the levels 1, 1-2 and détente & récupération classes in person at any time, if space is available.

Updated Procedures

As of August 30, 2021, the vaccination passport issued by the Quebec government will be requested, as required by the provincial government.

The Iyengar Yoga Centre of Montreal maintains health and safety procedures to ensure that you can safely participate in your yoga class.

At the front desk

  • The school will open 30 minutes before each class;
  • Upon arrival, it is imperative to present your complete proof of vaccination (paper or electronic), a stamp will be put on your membership card and will justify the presentation;
  • A distance of 2 meters between people is required;
  • Keep your mask on until you reach your mat;
  • Disinfectants will be available throughout your journey;
  • Our maintenance team makes sure to regularly clean all the most used surfaces at the Center

In the classroom

  • A space of 2 meters is established between each mat;
  • A maximum of 12 people can be admitted to the class.
  • No physical correction will be made by the teachers;
  • Students and teachers will be allowed to remove their masks once on their mat. When moving, it will be mandatory to wear your mask.


  • If possible, bring your own mat;
  • However, we will have mats available for rent at a cost of $1. Mats must be cleaned after each class;
  • Mats and accessories are available for sale at the center;
  • It is requested that you bring a large towel (beach towel style) to do inversions, or simply sit on the blankets.

In order to continue our efforts to return to a more normal life as soon as possible, we ask that you respect these new guidelines when you come to the center.

By maintaining your yoga practice, you support your immune system,
reduce your stress level and calm your mind.

We wish the entire Iyengar Yoga Centre of Montreal community continued health.
Let’s be vigilant and use our common sense to keep this place a healthy and serene place to practice yoga.

Schedule – Fall 2021

  • Orange : classes at the Center
  • White: online classes
  • Orange & white: online classes and at the Center